Voucher Terms


These Voucher Terms set out the terms on which we issue discount or nominated value vouchers. They apply to physical vouchers and to voucher and discount codes we issue (Vouchers). By applying for or using a Voucher, you consent to these Voucher Terms and any other Voucher terms (Specific Voucher Terms) printed on the Voucher or listed on the website or email from us where the Voucher was offered.

  1. Each Voucher type is identified by a voucher code and has different requirements and rewards including Specific Voucher Terms, in addition to these Voucher Terms. These Voucher Terms and all applicable Specific Voucher Terms must be met to be eligible for the Voucher and to receive the discount or offer covered by the Voucher. The Specific Voucher Terms override these Voucher Terms to the extent of any conflict. Examples of our current Vouchers include Reward Vouchers, Privilege Vouchers, Anniversary Vouchers and Birthday Vouchers.
  2. Voucher values or discount rates or amounts, as applicable, are as specified on the Voucher or the promotion information that the Voucher goes along with. The maximum value of a Reward Voucher issued per transaction is $150. All value amounts are specified in Singapore dollars. Vouchers with a face value can be redeemed in Australian dollars only.
  3. There is a limit of one Voucher per person per offer unless the Specific Voucher Terms expressly provide otherwise.
  4. Vouchers are intended for single use only on a single order unless the Specific Voucher Terms expressly provide otherwise.
  5. Vouchers are usable only on our web site for trading purpose. Vouchers are subject to expiry terms.
  6. A particular Voucher cannot be combined with any other offer or Voucher in the same order unless the Specific Voucher Terms expressly provide otherwise.
  7. Each Voucher (excluding a single use Voucher, which expires on use) is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the Specific Voucher Terms unless used or terminated earlier in accordance with these Voucher Terms. Most Reward Vouchers expire 30 days after issue.
  8. Physical Vouchers and Voucher code cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, mutilated, defaced, tampered with or deleted.
  9. A Voucher cannot be applied to accounts that already registered.
  10. If a Voucher is used and your account doesn’t pass the registration for any reason, the voucher is not redeemable nor usable.
  11. If a Voucher is used and only part of your order is cancelled or rejected, or if you return only some of the items in your order, a partial Voucher discount will still be applied to the remaining item(s) that are processed.
  12. We may discontinue, cancel or refuse to issue or honour a specific Voucher or Voucher type at any time for any reason without notice. This may occur for a range of reasons including due to errors associated with issuing or processing the Voucher or Voucher type or because we consider that you or the Voucher applicant have applied for or used the Voucher improperly or outside its intended purpose or operation or in breach of these Voucher Terms including any Specific Voucher Terms or because the Voucher has been tampered with or altered.

These Voucher Terms cover only the Voucher itself. Our specified trading terms also apply to your purchases of products or services using the Voucher.