How to active your account

Verify Email

Click ‘Email’, the verification email has already sent to mail box. If you have not received verification email, please click ‘RESEND’

  1. Open the registration email on your email box, then please click the link in the email to complete the email verification.


Two-factor Verification

  1. Click‘Two-factor’, thereare two methods, Phone verification and Google verification, they are optional. If Phone verification is chosen, choose country, input phone number to get SMS code to complete verification.


  1. If Google verification is chosen, use Ciphertext, or scan QR code to complete verification. In this page, there are 2 links to get Google authenticator, Apple store and Google play.


ID Document Verification

  1. Click ‘ID document’, input the relevant information required, and submit it.

  1. After submitting, please waiting approval from admin.
  2. Once it is approved, the ID document authentication is completed.