How to deposit cryptos

  1. Click “DASHBOARD” to open the dashboard.


  1. Choose the currency you want to deposit (for example, “BTC”) and click on “Deposit”.


  1. Then you will be able to check your BTC deposit address and transfer BTC to this address.



  • Please make sure that you only send the same type of digital assets to this address. If you want to exchange ETH to BTC, you can click on “Trade Now”, choose BTC/ETH pair.
    This means you can only send BTC into your BTC address and no other digital assets.
    If you deposit different digital assets to the address, you will lose the digital asset permanently.
  • After depositing to the address, the deposit needs to be confirmed by all nodes.
    To receive the deposit as soon as possible, you can pay a few fee. Otherwise, it normally takes 10-60 minutes.
  • Minimum deposit amount is 0.0001. Any amount fewer than this will not be allowed to deposit.
  • Your deposit address does not change often, so you can deposit into the same address.
    If it is changed, we will notify you via website announcement or email.