How to enhance the security


  1. It’s best that password complex and unique, it should contain 6 digits at least, the best is a mixture of lower and upper case letters, characters and symbols without any obvious rules, your name, E-mail address, your birthday, your cellphone number and information which can be got by others should be excluded, password like 123456、asdfgh and abc123 are not suggested password, password like Ax#ji&sd、Zxlkd@uyt or Hui!dfe*we are suggested password format, you can also make your account more secure by changing your password periodically, the new password should be different from the previous one. Besides, never disclose your password to others, Singbitx staff would never ask for password from you.

2-Factor Authentication

  1. We suggest you link your Google Authenticator to your account. Google Authenticator is a dynamic password tool that Google produced, you need to use your cellphone to scan the bar code or type the Ciphertext in. After typing, there will show a valid 6-digit verification code on the Google Authenticator every 30 seconds, after linking, every time you log in the site you need to type the 6-digit code presented on the Google Authenticator.Click here to check out how to set and use Google Authenticator.Watch out for the phishingWatch out for the fake E-mails which claim that they are from , we suggest you click the link or the attachments in the Email, before you log in your account, make sure that the link is from the official website, will never ask for your password、SMS、E-mail verification code or Google verification code.